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    Design By What Matters

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  • Is it Still Paint?

    Is it Still Paint?

    Technology isn’t something most people think of when it comes to paint, but at Benjamin Moore we’re constantly working to develop products that solve problems and make you rethink what paint can do. Since Benjamin Moore paint goes so far beyond your expectations of paint, it kind of makes you wonder...is it still paint?

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Our History - Tanner Paint Company

Our History - Tanner Paint Company

Tanner Paint, Florida’s Oldest Family Owned Paint Store, started as a temporary venture more than 75 years ago. The Great Depression forced H.D. Tanner to leave his Pennsylvania hometown and make his way to Florida for job possibilities. Various opportunities came and went. Then in 1933, Tanner Paint was born as he was given the opportunity to open a small store front on Florida Avenue in downtown Tampa. This short term venture was to sell 2,000 gallons of paint, the repossessed stock of a bankrupt Jacksonville hardware store. H.D. was such a success that the paint company, Woolsey offered to set him up as a dealer and the temporary job started to look like a future. Tanner Paint grew, eventually moving about downtown Tampa as urban renewal changed the landscape. The most quirky location, 107 Tyler Street, featured a drive in paint store. The customer drove his car into the store, was served and backed out! In 1948, Tanner Paint became a Benjamin Moore dealer and was recently awarded a plaque distinguishing us as the “oldest dealer in Florida.” In 1956, Henry D. realized his long time dream and began manufacturing paint designed for our Florida climate. After many years near the river on Fortune Street, in 1964, Tanner Paint was again victim of ‘urban renewal’ and sought land out in the orange grove pasture land of West Tampa to build a Tanner Paint facility to house our storefront and manufacturing plant. Tanner Paint has flourished at 4917 N. Armenia Avenue as the city has grown around us and thriving businesses have replaced the farmland.
What H.D. started as a temporary business developed into a family passion as son Jack, grandson Steven and great grandson Walker took leadership roles assisted by many other family members through the years and four generations. The Tanner Paint Family has grown to include long time employees that have been with Tanner Paint for decades. Three generations of Cummings have worked for Tanner Paint as plant managers and salesmen. Currently there is a combined record of over 200 years of paint experience with answers to any paint or sundry question.

Images of the Tanner Paint Company staff